How to overcome fear and self doubt

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What Is Fear?

Fear only exists to you in your mind and it is protecting you from the unknown.
As human being, it’s going to be normal to feel fear. It’s going to happen for the rest of your life, but you do now want to let your fear control you. That is the choice that you get to make.

Debunk Your Fears

“There’s nothing to fear but fear itself”
Most of the time it’s not the thing that you’re afraid of. It’s the actual fear that’s holding you back.
You should be afraid of the fear, because the fear is going to hold you back more than a hypotetical situation really will.
Check the Fear setting exercise

“Are These Thoughts Evidence-based or am I Just Thinking Irrationally?”

You always have the power to choose your thoughts. When we’re afraid, we focus on the negative thoughts, when in reality there are so many other positive thoughts that can support you.
Your fear is just one thought, is just one option. But there are other thoughts and other options out there for you to choose from.
Choose your thoughts like you’re choosing what clothes to wear. If wearing something makes you feel ugly then don’t wear that it, wear something that makes you feel confident.

Action Dissolves Fear

You want to feel the fear and do it anyway.
When you’re sitting there doing nothing, only thinking, you allow your thoughts and your fears to run how you feel about yourself.
When you are not taking action, you live more in your mind. It’s all really an illusion in your mind.
When you’re taking action, you’re focused on the external world and it kind of takes your mind off things because you’re focused on taking action.

A Metaphor of Fear — Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

You are on this road trip of life. You are the driver and fear is that loud baby in the back seat. it’s going to bother you and it might get in your head
But you have to accept that your fear will be there with you during this ride. And even though you accept that the baby is going to be with you in this journey, you obviuosly do not let the baby drive.
You are the driver of your life, you can choose. You have to accept that you’re always going to feel fear without letting it dictate your life.

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