Leadership: What really matters

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4 kinds of behavior

… account for 89 percent of leadership effectiveness:
• Solving problems effectively;
• Operating with a strong results orientation;
• Seeking different perspectives;
• Supporting others.

Effective problem solving

Problem-solving – when information is gathered, analyzed, and considered.
Difficult to get right, yet this process is a key input into decision making, for both major issues and daily ones.

Results orientation

Leadership is about not only developing and communicating a vision and setting objectives but also following through to achieve results.Leaders with a strong results orientation tend to emphasize the importance of efficiency and productivity and to prioritize the highest-value work.

Seeking different perspectives

Leaders who do well on this dimension typically base their decisions on sound analysis and avoid the many biases to which decisions are prone.

Supportive leaders

By showing a sincere interest in those around them, they build trust and inspire and help colleagues to overcome challenges.
They intervene in group work to promote organizational efficiency, allaying unwarranted fears about external threats and preventing the energy of employees from dissipating into internal conflict.

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