Feedback from Sonal Harite

Course / Test:
Online Smart Kid Workshop

Feedback/Suggestions/ takeaways:
1. SBS has given good platform for the kids to learn good brain gym exc
2. the best time utilized in lockdown
3. Dinesh sir is quite welcoming by kids and is always patiently talking with kids in online class
4. the variety that were provided in terms of acitivity were quite good
5. however variation for long workshop duration was lagging so keeping my child focussed and attentive became bit difficult.
6. a weekly feedback session should had been planned with parents one to one
7. the motive behind each activity and what else can be done for getting the better out of the child would had been then planned
8. we did have issues with connection but that is completely acceptable given current situation.
9. my child’s 4pm batch never got any break and class remained active throughout except disconnection of net.
10. IMP POINT: this is what i found was missed considerably.. the task given at home .. my child always eagerly waited for acknowledgement but hardly at times he got.. that actually made him feel bad and bit demotivated.. I understand the trainers would be busy too… but some way out for that was essential as there home task they felt went unnoticed.
11. Rest all in all it was a great programme and would like to hear some new updated programmes from sbs to enhance my child’s concentration, receptive and interaction skill but ofcourse via online class as we r based in mumbai.
Thank you. 😊

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